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Prisoners to get a monthly salary and a bonus when they are done serving time

The Department of Correctional Services revealed on Wednesday afternoon in Pretoria that a new law has been passed. The law states that inmates will soon begin to get a monthly salary for the work they do while in prison. This is done to help them with their daily needs while in prison and to enable them to start off in life when they are done serving their sentences.

“Many people who get released from prison struggle to live life when they go out there. Their families and friends disown them, and they therefore end up committing more crimes and get arrested.” said Mr. F. K Nyathi of the department of correctional services in Pretoria.

“Inmates while inside of prison, do many different type of jobs, ranging from cooking,cleaning, to doing the garden and he we have decided to pay them for their hard work” Mr. Nyathi said.

It was revealed that the salaries will range from R3000 to R10000 depending on the job an inmate is doing. A prisoner will also be entitled to a bonus when they are done serving time.

The department also revealed that it will in the near future consider offering bursaries to inmates willing to further their studies Colleges and Universities.

Commenting on the matter,many inmates revealed that this is too good to be true, and that is because it is.-afrcianupdates.com

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